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All e-mails and any attachments are strictly confidential and may be legally privileged. They are solely for the relevant addressee(s). If you are not the intended addressee(s) of any email, or have received any e-mail in error, please notify the sender and delete the e-mail and any attachments immediately. The disclosure, copying or distributing of any e-mail is strictly prohibited and we reserve the right to take legal proceedings against any individual who makes improper use of the information contained within. Whilst we take every effort to ensure any e-mails sent are safe and free from viruses, Tacao Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from unauthorised access to, or interference with, any internet communications by any third party or from the transmission of any viruses. Any information or opinion in any e-mail or it’s attachments that does not relate to the business of Tacao Ltd is personal to the sender and is not given or endorsed by Tacao Ltd. We reserve the right to track emails in and out of Tacao Ltd and the right to read any email or attachment entering or leaving our systems from any source without prior notice.

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In addition to the company’s safeguards, your personal data is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998. This provides, amongst other things, that the data we hold about you should be processed lawfully and fairly. It should be accurate, relevant and not excessive. The information should be kept up to date, where necessary, and not retained for longer than is necessary. It should be kept securely to prevent unauthorised access by other people.

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Debt Helpline treats all the data held with the utmost care and security. Any details you give will remain completely confidential unless specified otherwise.

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