Debt Management Advice Program

At Debt Helpine, we’ll help you reduce your debts. Find out if you’re eligible for our debt management program.

Did you know you can...

Write off all of the debt you can’t afford
Clear your debts in 60 months or less
Consolidate debts to one lower, affordable monthly payment
Prevent or stop legal action, including bankruptcy

Debt Management Advice

At Debt Helpine, we’ll help you reduce your debts. Find out if you’re eligible for our debt management program.

Did you know you can...

Write off all of the debt you can’t afford
Clear your debts in 60 months or less
Consolidate debts to one lower, affordable monthly payment
Prevent or stop legal action, including bankruptcy

We Provide the Best Debt Management Advice

Debt Helpline prides itself on providing the best advice in a completely transparent debt management program. Our team of specialist debt advisors will never judge you on the extent of your debt. We always understand clients’ financial status in a non-judgmental manner. At Debt Helpline, you’ll find the ideal solution that allows you to regain control of your finances.

Our goal is to provide clients with a complete debt advice line by offering front-end advice that leads you to the proper solutions. After considering our advice and taking advantage of our debt management program, you can quickly put your financial worries behind you. Most of our consultations can be conducted over the phone. For some cases, it is possible that the advice offered in the initial phone call will be enough for you to solve your debt problems.

With Debt Helpline, there is always a solution to your financial worries. For any enquiries, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Get started to becoming debt free

An IVA can be a great solution to serious debt problems, and a genuine alternative to bankruptcy

Individual Voluntary Agreements are designed as an alternative for people who would otherwise have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Since they were introduced in 1986 as part of the Insolvency Act, they have become a widely used solution for people to solve their debt problems.

How do IVA's work?

IVAs are arranged on the basis that you will make regular monthly repayments for a fixed period of time, typically this is over five years. However, in limited cases the IVA may instead involve making a one off lump sum payment to your creditors, usually raised from assets such as equity in your home. In all cases we will carry out an assessment of your finances and recommend what will be the best option for you.

If you think an IVA is for you, view our IVA page for more information

Example IVA

Here's an example of how an IVA can make your debt affordable*

Example IVA

Here's an example of how an IVA can make your debt affordable*

Don’t take our word

Some kind words from our awesome clients

I looked at a lot of debt solution sites and I choose the Debt-Helpline after speaking to a friend that had used them. They gave me great advice and were very professional. They couldn't have been more helpful and made me feel at ease with the whole process. many thanks to everyone at Debt-Helpline, I would not hesitate in recommending their service.

Mr I Sanders

I am so proud of myself that I found the courage to call Debt-Helpline. Everyone I dealt with has been professional and helpful from start to finish, the pressure has been lifted from my shoulders and I have you all the thank for that. Thank you all again.

Miss H Cole

Debt Help FAQ's

Don't know what an IVA is or want to find out more we have listed a few of our most commonly asked quesitons

1What is an IVA?
In short: an IVA (Individual Voluntary Plan) is a formal agreement settled with your creditors as a way to help you pay back what you can afford towards your debts.
2Will I be able to write off all my debts?
No, an IVA can’t be used to write off all of your debts. However, it is usually possible to write off up to 80% of what you owe. The exact amount that is written off will vary from case to case depending on your circumstances and the agreement of your creditors, who we will negotiate with.
3How does it work?
The first step is to talk to one of our friendly advisors and discuss what the best option for you is. We will then analyse your finances and decide what you can realistically do to pay back your creditors, after first giving priority to other expenses. After a little help from our IPs (Insolvency Practitioners), a draft of your proposals will be sent off to your creditors for review. They can then decide whether to support your proposals or not. The IVA is accepted if the creditors holding 75% of your debt agree to it. It will apply to all of your creditors including those who didn’t agree with it’. After 60 months (the usual term for an IVA), you will be free of debts that were covered by it with any remaining unpaid debts under the IVA being written off.
4Who can do an IVA?
An IVA can be used by someone who resides in England/Wales (Not full UK), including:
  • Single person households with debt under one name.
  • Married/Cohabiting people with debt in joint and single names.
  • Business owners and self employed people.
  • Homeowners with one or more houses.
  • Tenants.
An IVA really is suitable for a wide range of different situations.
5How long does an IVA last?
An IVA typically lasts about 5 years, but it can be extended to meet the needs of the proposals. It can also be shortened if you are willing to pay a lump sum of money towards the scheme. You will always know when the IVA should be complete, as it is outlined in the agreement.

How do I arrange an IVA?

The first step would be to speak with one of our specialist advisors who will gather information about your circumstances including how much you can afford to pay to your creditors each month. If an IVA appears to be the best option for you then we will draft your case and appoint one of our Insolvency Practitioners to act on your behalf. Complete our no obligation debt helpline form today and move one step closer to a debt free future.

What Happens Next?

Once the IVA is agreed our Insolvency Practitioner will supervise the arrangement and make sure things run smoothly, but we will also take an interest in the case and will keep you up to date at all times on the progress. An IVA can help you avoid having to declare bankruptcy, but you need to keep making the payments that have been agreed. It is therefore very important that we know the true extent on your debts – we need you to be completely honest with us about your financial circumstances, that way we can do our best for you and get the right settlement for you.

More Comprehensive Debt Management Solutions

Our debt management agency proudly provides various comprehensive programs to help you clear your debts. We can further discuss each option to help you make informed decisions. Our debt management services include:

Personal Debt Assistance

We offer several personal debt services to help you get back on a sound financial track. We can help you with:

  • debt consolidation loans that allow you to consolidate your debts into a single repayment;
  • debt management plans that allow you to enter into an arrangement with your creditors to lower your payment; and
  • Debt Relief Orders, which are simpler and faster alternatives to bankruptcy lasting only 12 months.
  • Bankruptcy

    Filing for bankruptcy can help you write off debts you can’t afford and clear all your debts in 60 months or less. It prevents or stops legal action against you and can help you start a new life.

    Bankruptcy, of course, is not to be taken lightly and should be given due consideration. We can help you explore bankruptcy’s pros and cons and if it is right for you. If you’ve determined that claiming bankruptcy is the best option for you, we can guide you through the process.

    Bailiff Assistance

    We can help you if you are facing bailiff action. If you receive notice from a bailiff company, you can contact us to negotiate with them and prevent a visit. If they’re already at your home, you can have us deal with the bailiff and credit owner to stop their current activity.

    Our bailiff assistance does not end there as we help clients find long-term solutions to their financial concerns. Our advisors and insolvency practitioners will help you fully assess your current financial situation, come up with an affordable payment plan and negotiate with your council or creditor. Not sure which option is best for you? Think of us as your personal debt solution finder. Contact us today, and our friendly advisors will gladly help.

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    • Write off all of the debt you can’t afford
    • Clear your debts in 60 months or less
    • Prevent or stop legal action, including bankruptcy
    • Consolidate debts to one lower monthly payment
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